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2010, March 17

“Elder Cook Shows LDS Church Supports Senator Harry Reid in His Campaign” by grego

Elder Cook Shows LDS Church Supports Senator Harry Reid in His Campaign

(c) 2010

(Well, seeing I couldn’t find any real info on this, so… When I hear clearer witness remarks, I’ll redo this, if merited.)

I heard Elder Cook very recently (March 2010) told Saints in Las Vegas that Senator Harry Reid is an outstanding guy, temple-recommend worthy, etc., and that there will be many “Harry Reid Shares His Testimony” firesides in Las Vegas–held in LDS Church meetinghouses.


If the LDS Church wants the members to support him, they should say so.

If not, they shouldn’t be doing this. It’s *obviously* politically-motivated. How about waiting after the elections to do this? How about letting the other candidates do this?

How about…? What would you say?


  1. How is Harry Reid is such a good guy? I see a squirley lawyer that is power hungry and decietful. He uses the “law” to work his magic on clueless. Selfish Americans. He is certainly not a good example of a frugal man when it comes to spending our tax dollars on enslaving men via the dole! IPray Elder Cook believes it could always be worse. LoL

    Comment by s. Hales — 2010, March 17 @ 12:28 pm

  2. I am in no position to pass any kind of final judgment on Harry Reid. Not my job. However, in my tiny little opinion, I find nothing in common with him. I find that his actions do not represent me and my thoughts. In my opinion he would like to force health care purchases on people because he has decided himself, in his own supposed great wisdom, that people need to purchase a health insurance policy. I haven’t had one in years, because I rarely go to the doctor. Why should i be forced to make that purchase. If I don’t make the purchase I will be fined in my taxes. This is force from the government to make a purchase of something, whether I like it or not. At least with car insurance, I can choose to not drive, I can take buses, ride a bike, ride a horse, walk, hitch a ride, take a taxi, I can make many other choices, but with Harry Reid’s Health Care deal, I will be FORCED to do something I don’t want to do. That is UNAmerican, That is UNConstitutional, That is Dictatorial. Don’t dictate to me what I must purchase. What if my brother is a doctor and he treats me for free? There are so many “what-ifs” that have not been addressed. This Bill is evil. It is force. It is not what America is all about – to force a purchase by punishing those who don’t. This is not ok. All of us Americans are thinking about it, and we will FIRE these EVIL GREEDY Elite politicians for their BETRAYAL of America. Force is Tyranny. Harry Reid and Obama and Nancy Pelosi are Tyrants. They must be stopped, they will be stopped. They will be sent home on the next election, we will FIRE them, Not because they’re “hero’s” that took one for the team by shoving health care down our throats, but because they are going AGAINST THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Polls show what we feel. Obama’s popularity is DOWN, and polls show we DO NOT WANT THIS HEALTH CARE.

    Comment by Someone — 2010, March 19 @ 7:26 pm

  3. That’s the good ol’ Davy Crockett lesson! “Not Yours to Give”, such as here:

    Comment by grego — 2010, March 22 @ 3:30 am

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