Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2010, February 12

“Book of Mormon: Are Saved Christians in Any Better Position than Atheists?” by grego

“Book of Mormon: Are Saved Christians in Any Better Position than Atheists?”

(c) 2010

Reading about Nehor the “All Are Saved” preacher in Alma 1 in the Book of Mormon last night, I contemplated the position of the All-Saved—and their cousins the Once-Saved—relative to the Atheist, and didn’t find as much difference as I had imagined.

The atheist doesn’t believe in God. Many people, including many Christians, claim that this lack of belief leads to sinful living. No doubt in most cases it does. No God, no judgment, do as I please…

Some atheists, however, say that the lack of a future life helps them to live a meaningful life right here and now, and that while they don’t feel a responsibility to God, they feel a responsibility to mankind for living a good life.

Many Christians scoff at those ideas. But, are many of the Christians in any better position?

They believe that either through grace everyone is saved, or that through predestination they are saved, or that through reciting the sentence “I accept Jesus as my Savior” or such, or that just by being baptized once, etc., all is forever fine.

What moral support does that give? Or does this also lead to a life of sin? Or a life lacking in responsibility?

I once asked a such-believing Christian why, if he was saved, would he bother trying to live a Godly life? He answered that though he was saved, he felt a responsibility to God to do so. I don’t doubt that.

Reading about Nehor made me wonder about others, though. If heaven was already locked and set, and all people would be saved alike, what else is there?

Why, this life! Make money the easy way, lie, shop well, live the “good” life, do what you want, make yourself big, kill someone (Gideon) if they stand in your way of enjoyment, you are saved anyway!

Similar to the effect of Korihor’s atheistic preaching on the Nephites (Alma 30).

And the other Nehorites, such as in the city of Ammonihah? Someone tries to burst your bubble? Break the law; lie; kill them–cast the women and children and scriptures into a holocaust! Kill the prophets Alma and Amulon!

Is there any real difference in motivation for the Saved Christian than the atheist?

Anyone? Saved Christians… Atheists… anyone?

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