Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2009, August 26

Book of Mormon | “Overlooked Symbolism in the Brother of Jared and the Stones” by grego

Overlooked Symbolism in the Brother of Jared and the Stones
(c) 2009

Much has been said and written about the Book of Mormon story about the brother of Jared and the sixteen small stones—that the stones symbolize our hearts, and the Lord touches our hearts, and …

One part that really stood out the last time I read it, however, is the preparation that the Brother of Jared did with the stones.

He did not carry sixteen lumps of coal up to the mountain top, nor rocks he found on the ground, nor rocks he thought were pretty, nor rocks he polished a little.

The stones were “molten out of a rock” (Ether 3:1); “white and clear, even as transparent glass” (Ether 3:1). He says, “Behold these things which I have molten out of the rock” (Ether 3:3). Through work and inspiration he prepared them for their purpose; he just needed the Lord’s help to do what he couldn’t do. Even though they were “small” (Ether 3:1), with the Lord’s touch, they served their purpose.

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