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2009, August 11

“I’ve Been Kicked Off of MormonApologetics.Org!” by grego

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“I’ve Been Kicked Off of MormonApologetics.Org!”
by grego
(c) 2009

Well, it seems I have been kicked off the site. I get a “403 Forbidden” message when I try to get on; but from other computers, I can get on with no problems (I guess they restricted my IP). I double-checked with a login, and after logging in as “grego”, I immediately received a “403 Forbidden” message also. Yup, it’s clear now. This is not just posting privileges. This is everything.

My last post on the site was when I lost posting privileges for a week. I went back later to see the thread, and the moderators had changed the original thread. (They deleted a post, and changed the words in another post. What?!?) That thread occurred about… two years ago. I haven’t posted there since. I was given no warning, no reason, nothing. So, it must have been some other reason…

Maybe it’s because I have “corrected” the work of some of their “in” people, especially Brant Gardner and many who run with his way of thinking. On, I was always ready and willing to engage everyone and their point of view, on their, my, or a third person’s work, but I know others seemed to have a problem with that… “Nevermind the clown, folks, we’re trying to have a *real* discussion here.” I thought that’s what FAIR and its acronym might have stood for, and what they chided Rodney Meldrum for. I guess my putting holes in some theories (such as Others and the Lehites, surviving Jaredites) didn’t help…

I was and am a person who believes that the Book of Mormon was meant for our day a lot because of politics, and some articles have been about that. I know that didn’t go over well with many.

Perhaps I said something they didn’t like? Perhaps someone finally read the truth in my “About Me” and didn’t like it? Perhaps “I’m sorry” is too hard to say?

It could have been this article: “LDS Apologetics FAIR Says: ‘Absolutely Forbidden by Scripture’–Which Scripture?” that tipped the scales, though it would have been very quick work… I imagine if it were because of an article, it would have had to have been this one: Book of Mormon | “Countering Critique of the Ox Argument for Others in the Land”. See, the Ox Argument is the sacred cow of the “Others in the Land” position, and that article effectively slaughtered it.

Whatever the reason might have been, I imagine it’s probably very justifiable in their minds. In fact, if I were a FAIR people, I would have kicked grego off the board a long time ago, because let’s face it: it’s so much easier to “forbid” someone from a site, than to actually respond to and with logic/ scholarliness. It’s a favorite anti-Mormon trick, and it seems someone has learned well from their enemies.

Oh well, I hadn’t posted for a very long time, and didn’t plan on it as long as the perpetrators of the closing thread remained in good standing…

So, to anyone who added me as a friend or who has messages or whatever, it’s useless to contact me through that means anymore.

I do thank them for the opportunities I had to interact with everyone and discuss lots of ideas, and I thank the (good) moderators for the volunteer work they put in. It was a decent time, and there are some great thinkers there. Perhaps you, the reader, would enjoy commenting there, and I hope you have a better experience than I at the end.


  1. This is a technical issue. I get the same error myself from time to time, and I am a member in good standing. I think it has something to do with a bug in Vista.

    Comment by cdowis — 2010, July 22 @ 8:30 pm

  2. Hi cdowis,

    Hope all’s well with you.
    If one thing had happened, a technical error might have been the case, even though I had never received this error before, in two years or so.
    To check, I used two computers–one running on XP and one on Vista, both on the same IP address–neither worked.
    When I got into the site on a computer running on XP but with a different IP address, everything was fine–until I logged in, and immediately received the “Forbidden” message, and could do no further viewing.
    Also, over time I have reached search results on the website, and if I click to be taken to the site, it always comes up “Forbidden”.
    My conclusion: not technical errors. ;)

    Comment by grego — 2010, July 23 @ 1:52 am

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