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2009, June 16

Solutions to LDS/ Mormon Missionary Work Problems, Part 4

Solutions to LDS/ Mormon Missionary Work Problems, Part 4
by grego
(c) 2009

Part 1

Part 3

Here are some other possible reasons new members might become inactive/ stop believing:
1. their heart isn’t, and likely never was, in it. They got baptized because they felt pressured to get baptized–either directly from the missionaries, or themselves wanting to please the missionaries/ friends/ family/ etc., or as a sign of friendship towards the missionaries. Getting baptized was a big step for them to take, but it was worth it to them to escape the situation/ pressure/ get others off their backs/ show their friendship. Certainly they could and should have spoken up; but because they didn’t, both sides combine to give the result of an immediately inactive new member. In fact, a few don’t even show up to get confirmed, or they come one Sunday to be confirmed and that’s the last time they’re ever seen.
2. they never really got it in the first place; they didn’t really understand what they were getting into/ the commitments they were making. It felt good, but didn’t make much sense.
3. they aren’t in a firm mental state.
4. it is too quick, the pressure is too great, the change is too fast (especially if they’re fighting it inside), they feel overwhelmed, they panic.
5. not enough support, from family, friends, and yes, especially church members.
6. they thought they could __ (“stop drinking coffee”, “pay tithing”, “come to church”, “break family tradition”, etc.), but they didn’t/ can’t, whether by choice or by situation to some degree (think of pre-adults whose parents don’t allow them to come). Unfortunately, it’s often the case that they never had the actual experience of doing many of those things before they got baptized.
7. *they never established habits needed to continue to give them spiritual nourishment after stopping meeting with the missionaries so much*. The spirituality and companionship of the missionaries is a big help, and when it stops after baptism, for many people it’s like a rug got pulled out from under them.

I would contemplate the following changes, in Part 5.

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