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2009, February 27

“The Ministering of Angels versus the Holy Ghost” by grego

“The Ministering of Angels versus the Holy Ghost”
by grego

So, what’s the difference between the minstering of angels and the Holy Ghost?
I think there are a few things:
1. For most LDS/ Mormons, the Holy Ghost (including His gifts) will suffice for and be used for most things, especially spiritual.
2. Angels are more for temporal salvation, especially when there is immediate and clear need of more, and when there is no path already prepared.
3. Angels also appear to give clear messages, help, teachings, etc. Angels are more involved with helping those who, through lack of prayer or ordinance or worthiness, don’t or cannot receive the Holy Ghost and His help.
4. Angels may let one clearly understand, as a sign beforehand, that there was heavenly involvement in a matter. Certain things might need hands to perform, too.

As with all true heavenly things, the Holy Ghost and angels will not conflict in any way.

So, is that a complete list? Nope.
Is any of that doctrine? Not that I’m aware of.
Is it helpful? It has been for me!

The Book of Mormon clearly testifies multiple times of both the Holy Ghost and His gifts, and the ministering of angels. Next time through, note the occurrences and the conditions of both.

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