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2009, February 10

“Is the Book of Mormon Real? Part 1” by grego

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Is the Book of Mormon Real? Part 1
by grego

Well, yes, you can hold it in your hands and see. ;)

Ok, the question probably means, is it what it claims to be? Is it really scripture from God, given as it was claimed to be given, or is it something else?

Of course this question divides religions. It’s very hard to find non-LDS who believe in it yet firmly hold to another faith (except for mainly branches of the church), and very hard to find true LDS who don’t believe in it.

One would listen to both sides, I imagine, check for problems with arguments, and weigh the results.

So what are they?

And that is the first problem.

As in law, it’s much easier to win a case if the judge never gets to hear it! So many con-LDS try their best to persuade others to NOT go through the process–to just condemn the book before even reading, praying, meditating, weighing, and judging. (It happens that many con-LDS who write about the Book of Mormon trying to persuade others to disbelieve it, have never read it once, much less opened the covers once. Many just pass on what others have told them.) Understandable, I guess. I admit I would rather read a review from a trusted friend about some Satan book than crack it open myself…

LDS, on the other hand, would rather that most members not read “anti-Mormon literature”. I have found out there’s a different reason for it, though. I have found out that the means by both sides used are usually very different. To those who have never met a Mormon especially, most Mormons, as derogatively spread all over the internet and elsewhere, are pretty naive and stupid creatures as to the ways of the world. We trust people. W A Y too much sometimes. We don’t expect people–even those who preach against our religion—or maybe, especially because they claim to follow Christ—to pass on bad information, lie, clip a little here and there to completely change the meaning of the quote, knowingly wrest scriptures, use bad sources and ignore good sources, tell incomplete stories, etc. So when many Mormons read what obviously must be “the truth” (I mean, why would a Christian following “the real Jesus” be dishonest, right?), it troubles them.

The LDS position is pretty much, wait and all will be all right. But many who read anti-Mormon literature have a hard time waiting, especially when faith is weak, hearts are tired/ heavy/ hard, and/ or problems are many.

So in steps Mormon/ LDS apologetics—not to spin, but to unspin what has usually been spun to wringing. Usually Mormon apologetics is a disorganized, personal, non-paying hobby. There is little to no support from the Mormon/ LDS church, other than a few BYU professors who research and write (and usually do very well with it, thank you folks!) (no, not me).

As an LDS apologist (and I use that term somewhat lightly), my purpose is not to prove that the Book of Mormon is real or true, but to give it a chance. To provide enough answers against what appear to be cons, to allow the Book of Mormon a chance to have a trial, so to say. Not a trial by the world, but by each person who, having listened to so much negative things about it, now sees much evidence—at least enough to give it a chance.

What good is a gift, if the wrapping paper is never taken off and the box opened? If you don’t like it after you “try it on”, that’s very different than never even having received, opened, or looked at it.

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