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2008, December 8

Demonic Thing on “Demonic Names in the Book of Mormon” Website

Demonic Thing on “Demonic Names in the Book of Mormon” Website
by grego

I was on this site the other day:
on this page: “Demonic Names in the Book of Mormon”, and my eyes almost popped out when astrological constellations suddenly showed up and started moving on my screen!! What the he**?!! (Oh ok, I’ll just write it, “heck”.) Surely no God-fearing person would do that!!

Now, some of you might say, “That’s snow” but—as the website reminds us—I think “we need to take a firm stand against this rationalization. Truth is not relative.”

I have no idea what this demonic website is trying to do, but I felt suckered, and I had a very creepy feeling come over me if I concentrated on looking at the stars instead of reading the beautiful, honest, from-God text.

Then, it really hit me: as these stars moved on my screen, they formed the letters S-E-X. Now I know what this “good boy” Christian site is all about… And they couldn’t even be original in their sin, huh Disney (Lion King)?

So, a big WARNING to all!! Once more, we see sheep in wolves clothing…


P.S. Interesting how people can often see what they want to see, no matter how ridiculous, illogical, or unscholarly it is, eh?

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