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2008, November 25

Book of Mormon: “Writing a Short History Isn’t that Hard… until You Try”, by grego

Book of Mormon: Writing a Short History Isn’t that Hard… until You Try
by grego

A year ago, I was going back through my journal, searching for particular points about a common topic.

This is from 8 years ago, to current; all my life; most all written by me; I have a decent, if not better than decent, memory (at least compared to my other family members).

Ok, it’s more than a few pages, maybe about 250 pages of 12 pt. document; but still, it was my *own* life history from just the past eight years; I wasn’t condensing/ abridging a record mainly written by others over a period of a thousand (1,000) years…

*Much of what I thought I had written down for sure, I hadn’t.
*Much of what I thought was clear when I wrote it, wasn’t.
*Many of the open-ended things (feelings about the future, prophecies, worries, whatever happened to?, when did we stop doing something that I wrote about a lot previously, etc.), hadn’t been closed.
*Seeing problems, I changed and added many things right to what they should have been (with a word processor, that’s easy).

That really opened my eyes–

The Book of Mormon really is much, much tighter and more cohesive than I ever realized, and I understand a little more why maybe some things are “spread out”. I also had quite a bit more respect for the writers, and especially Mormon.


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  1. I know exactly what you mean about things I was sure (absolutly positive that) I wrote down, but didn’t. Or the phrasing i thought I had used came out all different after just a couple of years.

    that is why Our memories are flexable, maybe it is related to our abilities to learn and change.

    God bless,

    Comment by ditchu — 2008, November 25 @ 8:32 pm

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