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2008, October 6

“Ammon Killed the Bad Guys to Save the King’s Flocks”: Wrong! by grego

“Ammon Killed the Bad Guys to Save the King’s Flocks: Wrong!” by grego

This is a little myth that I’ve heard before.  Since it especially seems to happen when relating the story to Primary children, I figure it’s pretty important to tell it straight.

Alma 17:28
Now the servants of the king began to murmur, saying: *Now the king will slay us, as he has our brethren* because their flocks were scattered by the wickedness of these men. And they began to weep exceedingly, saying: Behold, our flocks are scattered already.

Alma 17:29
Now *they wept because of the fear of being slain.* Now when Ammon saw this his heart was swollen within him with joy; for, said he, I will show forth my power unto these my fellow-servants, or the power which is in me, in restoring these flocks unto the king, that I may win the hearts of these my fellow-servants, that I may lead them to believe in my words.

Alma 17:31
And it came to pass that he flattered them by his words, saying: My brethren, be of good cheer and let us go in search of the flocks, and we will gather them together and bring them back unto the place of water; and thus we will preserve the flocks unto the king and *he will not slay us*.

Alma 18:4
And now, when the king heard these words, he said unto them: Now I know that it is the Great Spirit; and *he has come down at this time to preserve your lives, that I might not slay you as I did your brethren*. Now this is the Great Spirit of whom our fathers have spoken.

Alma 18:5
Now this was the tradition of Lamoni, which he had received from his father, that there was a Great Spirit. Notwithstanding they believed in a Great Spirit they supposed that whatsoever they did was right; nevertheless, Lamoni began to fear exceedingly, with fear lest he had done wrong *in slaying his servants*;

Alma 18:6
For *he had slain many of them because their brethren had scattered their flocks at the place of water; and thus, because they had had their flocks scattered they were slain*.

Ammon defended the flocks to save the servants from being killed by the king. (I won’t get into whether Ammon would have killed the bad men if the king didn’t kill his servants… Though you might want to teach your children that just because someone steals their bike doesn’t mean it’s a really good reason to try to sling stones at them and kill them!)

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