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2008, January 25

What Was Up With Sam?

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What Was Up With Sam?


I wonder what was up with Sam? Why was he passed up for ruling? Was he the youngest son of Lehi’s first wife, so he wouldn’t get the birthright, it passing from Laman to Nephi? I don’t think the story holds that interpretation well (I think they were all Sariah’s born children). Was his testimony weak? It seems like it was ok, he seems righteous, a weak testimony wouldn’t be a problem, would it? He believed in Nephi’s words (1 Nephi 2:17), Lehi saw him eat the fruit (1 Nephi 8:16), and the Book of Mormon says that he was a just and holy man (Alma 3:6), etc. Did he not have guts like Nephi to stand up to his brothers? But it seems like he sided with Nephi many of the times, such as getting beat in the cave (), on the trip back from getting Ishmael (1 Nephi 7:6) and leaving Laman and Lemuel (2 Nephi 5:6). Yet, he is missing in trying to save Nephi in the wilderness, on the ship, etc., and there’s no mention of him ever trying to persuade Laman and Lemuel, etc. Of course Nephi could have left those parts out. But, I have a different feeling (which, of course, could be wrong).

I think that he was just not very bright mentally. He seems like a good guy, but not all there. Though the whole story seems to portray that, there’s one part that I see that really sends it home: Lehi’s blessing. Lehi speaks with Laman and Lemuel, briefly to Laman and Lemuel and Sam to tell them to follow Nephi; then to Zoram, Jacob, Joseph, the grandchildren of Laman and Lemuel, all of Ishmael’s family, and lastly (though I don’t see Nephi in there…), Sam. Why did Lehi talk to every one of his posterity, then finish with Sam, who was born in the middle of the sons, at least (Laman, Lemuel, Sam, Nephi, Jacob, Joseph)? This is what he tells Sam:

2 Nephi 4:11 “And after [Lehi] had made an end of speaking unto them, he spake unto Sam, saying: Blessed art thou, and thy seed; for thou shalt inherit the land like unto thy brother Nephi. And thy seed shall be numbered with his seed; and thou shalt be even like unto thy brother, and thy seed like unto his seed; and thou shalt be blessed in all thy days.

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