Book of Mormon Notes– How deep can you dig?

2008, January 10

Hi World, Welcome and enjoy your visit…

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Hi Everyone. 

I hope you enjoy the notes and the comments. 

You will find, as far as I know, absolutely unique (or close to it) commentary on the Book of Mormon in every post.  Most of my posts will be in an article format, though there will be shorter ones, too. 

I love digging in the Book of Mormon.  I hope that this blog encourages you to do so, too. 

I believe in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints/ LDS/ Mormon and am a member. 

I’m not going to tell you how many times I’ve read the Book of Mormon–it doesn’t matter.  Though the more you read it, usually, the better off you’ll be understanding and digging. 

Twenty years ago, I thought that there wasn’t much more to learn about it–I had read it to exhaustion–so I had thought. 

Shortly after, I kept reading the Book of Mormon with new purpose–and what do you know, more insights (to me) came and came. 

I used to love reading the Seminary/ Instutite manual when I was young and getting what I could.  I recently learned about FARMS, FAIR, and other websites that had lots of great information.  I began to take study of the Book of Mormon to new levels and heights. 

I participated on a religious discussion board or so, but got tired of putting up with illogical relentless attacks (and “counterattacking”)  on character and beliefs by those who knew better and thought they were smarter, while the moderators often stood by.  The final straw was when a jerk like that threatened everyone who disagreed with him liars who were basically going to go to hell, and then to sue me–and a “senior administrator” moderator condoned his comments and behavior.  Nevertheless, my time there was really something, and that *really* kicked up my study and thinking skills a notch.  Who knows, maybe I’ll go back once in a while, or such. 

On one of my last threads there, a published religious writer who was previously believing LDS, but is currently nonbelieving, non-LDS–asked me to put all my writings up on the same site, or on a blog.  (I had a blog in the past, in fact; just that google locked me out of it, and it’s now in the netherworld… Not only that, I didn’t like some of the problems with the formats.)

While he and I are different in some ways, we seemed to share a recognition that–contrary to vast popular belief (yes, I’m an extremist, you have been warned…)–the Book of Mormon is extremely complex and deep.  Yes, it reads quite simply, and it seems simplistic.  A beginner with little background can gain a lot and seem to understand a lot.  Outside of the Isaiah parts, it usually doesn’t seem complex or deep.  There are interesting tidbits here and there, but as you will see on this blog, you may expect to be literally amazed.  I was. 

In fact, here’s a hint: the majority of times you scratch your head and say “That doesn’t make much sense” or “That seems stupid” or “That was easy”, it’s because you haven’t dug deeply enough. Remember, the Book of Mormon is hardly a complete record/ book; it was written in a shortened form. There’s quite a bit among the text, linking the narrative, between the lines, etc.

I am an extremist, and I finally know it.   You don’t need to write me to say so.  My views  buck the current PC view of most everything, including politics and history.

I already know that many of you aren’t like that, and might not ever be.  That’s ok–I’m used to it; almost my entire family is that way, too.  But there is hope for you…  ;)  Much of that might have to do with certain conditions that I have, situations that I have been in and am still in, and life experiences–a strong recipe for uniqeness.

I also know that many of you will not be able to swallow, much less chew, some of these notes.  One of the funniest (as in most interesting/ unbelieveable) experiences I had on the discussion board was when I posted a link to an article, and a long-time member who has really seen it all on the boards by venturing into “enemy territory”, is a great stalwart defender, and holds a PhD in Psychology, was so shocked and completely dismayed by what she read just in the title and first sentence or two of one article, that she actually went back to the thread, “warned” everyone not to read the article, and then proceeded to delete *every single one of her comments* from the thread.  Yeah.  But, you might have done the same, too.  Chances are, you will skip some of the articles and notes after reading a sentence or opening paragraph. You *will* get emotional–very emotional. There’s a reason for it. In psychology, it’s called “snapping”. It’s when you get your world quickly turned upside down; and worst of all, it seems logical. You will miss the full effect of the principles and notes because of all this, but you will still gain.

So here we are. 

You, and I. 

Wait…you’re still here??

I challenge you to *not* be amazed at this book.

Strap on your seatbelt, buckle your helmet.

Let’s get started…

*Comments?  It’s pretty simple.  If you have comments that add to the notes, I will gladly publish them.  If you want to comment otherwise, don’t expect your comments to be published. Be warned, I greatly dislike hypocritical comments, and sometimes I drip with sarcasm… 

*Avoid this section unless you ever get emotional and think I am a nutcase or unpatriotic or going to hell or whatever: [I have two words for you (–and I’m very sorry to write this for most of you who know how to comport yourselves and are great people, much better than I, and have yet ignored my warning to not read this part) –“piss off”. Yeah, I know, a Mormon just sinned. Ok, maybe I just will go to hell… (Now forgive me, or you’ll join me there.) I don’t care what you think. In fact, I already know you likely *don’t* think. I have a decent understanding of what I think and why I think that way–which is something you likely don’t. Why do *you* believe the things you do–your teacher told you? a friend said so? If you are familiar with the subject (most who want to condemn others aren’t) you think I’m way off on and can show me great evidence to the contrary, I am very willing to change my ways. Hey, look at where I am right now in my beliefs–how do you think I got here? Someone presented evidence, and I changed. I’ve lived life mainly on the outside anyway, and the longer I stay, the more reason I see to stay. Now, how willing are *you* to consider things and change?]

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  1. Enjoyed you comments on Nephi. I guess I look at things in a simple manner and would only add that the lord knew that Laban, if he were to be left alive, would seek out the family of Lehi if the plates came up missing. He knew of Lehi’s disappearance into the wilderness because the jews had not killed him. To have his property stolen, would have infuriated him and he would have used his “fifty” or more to pursue such an audacious thief. His death and [Zoram’s] oath of loyalty, eliminated enough knowledge of facts to cover Nephi’s trail. I don’t think that Nephi necesarily knew this at the time, but the Lord did. I would have been overwhelmed with what to do for a good performance to fool [Zoram], and what to do with him afterwords. Thank you for making other truths so easy to understand. Rex

    Comment by Rex O. Smith — 2008, December 15 @ 6:31 am

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